Timpson lost an apostrophe

In addition to this sign fail, they wanted 15 quid to change a watch battery! Advertisements

Another grammar fail for Queensgate

They deleted this post as soon as someone pointed the error!

Van Hage’s latest

Really, Aldi?

Really don’t expect this from a leading supermarket

O2 could be more correct

An apostrophe in PCs in O2’s latest advert But it’s OK; it’s in the terms and conditions

More Van Hage incompetence

The word sandwich is capitalised, but not sun in the brand name Capri Sun. No apostrophe to denote possession in child’s

Random capitalisation at Van Hage

Words fail me

Do you get the feeling someone said ‘you need an apostrophe in that’ and they put it in blindfolded? This is Springfields outlet shopping at Spalding

These apostrophes are not music to my ears

Stamford Music Shop thinks it ought to add apostrophes to CDs and DVDs #fail

The Windmill strike’s again

It seems the Windmill in Orton Waterville is still struggling with its apostrophes. Only three words and they’ve got it wrong.